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    „There are no small parts, only small actors. Today Hamlet, tomorrow an extra, but always an actor.” Stanislavsky

About Studio

Zoom Casting Kft. is a casting agency working with actors, extras and models.

Some of our partners so far include: Filmpartners, Filmmotív, Partnersfilm, Proton Cinema, Umbrella, MaxiFilm, Leo Burnett, PopFilm, TrionFilm, Silvergate, OMGVisuals, CeMédia, ManaluyaFilms, Ayami Waymar, SZFE, Kinopravda, Angelfilms, Cydfilms, Mona&Lisa, Café Next.

So far we've  worked on two international feature films; Boy 7 - a Dutch thriller for young adults, and Birchlegs - a Norwegian historical drama.

Our agency contributed to several graduation films for the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest.

We are suitable for all kinds of commercial and cinematic work. In our database one can find actors, models and extras of all ages and ethnicities. If you are looking for special characters, native English speaking actors or stunts, we can provide them for you. We are fast, precise and very flexible. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Nemesházi Beatrix
+36 30/816 7593
Márványi Luca
+36 30/816 7594
+36 30/816 7593
1085 Bp. József krt. 45. 1./1. 11-es kapucsengő

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Use our social capital which we accumulated over the years. Feel free to contact our colleagues who will be more than happy to realize your creative plans.